* Voices Heard Sisters Unseen

By using performance art, poetry, and narrative montage Voices Heard Sisters Unseen serves as a political documentary with an art feel. It challenges attitudes about what constitutes domestic violence and confronts the conventional understanding of who a battered woman "really is."

1995, video, VHS, color, 76 mins., in NTSC and PAL.
Available in English with closed-captioning.
Includes a Community Discussion Guide (also available separately).

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* The Children We Sacrifice

At the heart of it, the video documentary The Children We Sacrifice is a moving validation of women who confront different levels of shaming and secrecy around a deeply camouflaged issue. It celebrates survivors of incest who defy social pressure and make visible the ways in which families prioritize family harmony, honor and duty over accountability and pursuit of justice for victims.

2000, video, VHS, color, 61 mins., in NTSC and PAL.
Available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Bengali.
Includes a Resource Booklet (also available separately).

Video Advocacy - An Interview by Kritikka Ghosh, 2001
Spotlight on Incest: Challenges For Filmmaker - An Interview by Nancy Schwartzman, 2004
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* Enemy On The Inside
                 (Work In Progress)

SHaKTI PRODUCTIONS' new project, Enemy On The Inside: Who Holds
You Accountable?
takes an inside look at perpetration, at why incestuous sexual abuse is committed. We believe this will help protect the children we love from becoming victims and prevent the children we know from becoming perpetrators.

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